Beginners Courses from £15/session*

A beginners course covers all the basics and is ideal for those new to photography and their camera and those who simply want a refresher. Subjects covered on the beginners course include;

  • Getting to know your camera
  • Understanding ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings
  • Working with flash
  • Basic post production

to more advanced

Advanced courses are tailored to meet the individual or group requirements.

These would typically cover from more detailed techniques on taking specific types of photographs to using Photoshop to enhance your photography.

Training carried out by professional sports photographer

& field trips from £75

Prosnap organises regular trips to zoos and wildlife parks where students are mentored throughout the day.

On field trips students are given the chance to use professional cameras and lenses to get up close and personal with the residents

Ways to experience a Prosnap course

Most Prosnap courses are individually tailored to suit the candidate(s). By stipulating your own experience and preferences we will endeavour to match you with like minded people if you are attending a group course.

There are several alternatives available but just contact us to discuss your preferences and we will advise the best way to suit you.

Home Group Sessions

By far the cheapest and most popular way to experience a Prosnap course is to organise a group session and divide the cost amongst the group.

An individual invites up to five of their friends to join a session and share the cost. These can be organised at a time to suit you and at a venue of your choice. 

Group sessions cost £120 per 3 hour session (split amongst attendees - maximum of 6)

Local Courses

Dependant on demand, courses are held at local venues with open invitations.

Like most Prosnap courses, candidates who book will be asked about their equipment and experience so the course can be geared as much as possible to their needs.

Sessions are normally 2 & 1/2 hours with a break and cost from £15 dependant on location and numbers.

One to One Tuition

If you prefer to receive training on a one to one basis then Prosnap can help.

This can be done at your home or attending a preferred shooting location.

Prices will vary depending on travel and training time but are available from £45/hour (minimum of 2 hours)

Field Trips

Field trips are normally organised based on demand and availability.

We currently organise field trips to Chester Zoo and Burton Mere but are looking to add new sites and always open to suggestions. Candidates benefit from the use of professional equipment.

Prices range from £75 dependant on half or full day and location

Personalised field trips

Personalised field trips can be organised at a venue of your choice either on an individual basis or a small group. Professional lenses are also available to use.

Dependant on location and time required, prices range from £65

What our students think

'I was an absolute beginner and now Prosnap have made me really proud of my photos'
Denis K

'The group sessions were people of similar experience and extremely enjoyable. I now have several new friends'
Christine M

'The trip to Chester Zoo was fantastic. Using the pro lenses was easier than I thought and I got some amazing shots. I am definitely going again'
Margaret M

'The Prosnap guy was friendly and amusing, I had great fun and am now in love with my camera again'
Charles C

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